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Cross TechnologiesCross Technologies is a Representative organization that puts target to bring & introduce new cutting edge products and technologies that will help local OEMs to save development time & cost. In addition our aim is to help system integrators & ODMs to offer better solutions to their customers.


With rich experience in the Israeli market and excellent relationship with most of the local OEMs we are known as trusted adviser to our customer.
"What You Really Need!" is not just a slogan for us, this is what we really believe and how we perform with our customers as well as with our represented partners.


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WOLF Announces 3U VPX with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier for Military and Aerospace

The VPX3U-XAVIER-SBC (WOLF-12TP), a 3U VPX compliant solution that includes an NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier module and the WOLF FGX for use in military, aerospace and other extreme harsh environment applications. read more... 


WOLF Announces Three New Chip-Down NVIDIA Turing™ Modules

WOLF Advanced Technology (WOLF) is pleased to announce three new VPX products as part of a High-Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) family. read more...


CoreAVI Announces Industry’s First Single Board Computer Hardware IP Based on NXP LX2160 and Arm that is Designed for DO-254 DAL A Certification

The new rugged SBC0003 COTS 3U VPX NXP® LX2160-based Single Board Computer hardware design IP with Arm architecture is a part of CoreAVI’s COTS-D product line Platforms for Safety Critical Applications (PSCA). read more... 


Core Avionics & Industrial Inc. Announces Partnership with Arm to Develop Safety Critical Graphics Processing Solutions

CoreAVI announced a technology partnership with Arm today to work together on solutions for safety critical graphics processing for next generation automotive systems.. read more...


Introducing AI on Vision4ce tracking products, delivering true AI classification at the edge!

Vision4ce’s Deep Neural Network based classification application runs on a CHARM 100 powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra architecture. It can be used for all manned and unmanned systems that require real-time video and image processing, tracking and classification detection technology. read more...